The PA 28-140 Cherokee Rated at 150 hp - "A SUCCESS STORY"

We are often asked...

With so many new aircraft on the market,why did you choose the specific type make and model?

The Cheerokee 140 is one of the most successful training and touring aircraft ever build.If an aircraft is well maintained and looked after,then it will serve the purpose it was built forever!!This is not something that we have invented, it is a fact.

Further to help your Introduction to Class Cockpits, we have Equipped the aircraft with a Garmin GPS and Optionally with the Garmin Aera 660.


The PA-28 is in the Light aircraft category and given the method of construction, power output ,engine reliability ,flight characteristics and the hundreds of thousands of today's professional pilots it has trained,we assure you, that this is the aircraft for you!!

Unlike the Ultralight or very light aircraft being used for training purposes,the Cherokee is stable docile and very reliable.In

comparison,due to the Lycoming as opposed to Rotax engines, It can operate with ease in the Hi temperatures of the summer and due to its flight characteristics in very challenging windy conditions.

Many new aircraft produced for flight training, besides of being in the Very Light Category,come with electronic displays which are quite impressive.It is also equipment that almost all commercial airline aircraft use.In this aspect,this is a plus.   But...

First of all, it doesn't take long for a pilot to get used to these displays.They are designed to make life much easier...

​Learning to fly on an aircraft with gauges gives you the advantage of achieving something more difficult.If you come across an aircraft with electronic displays it will be a step down not a step up !! This will give you more confidence 

 Our aircraft is operated and maintained to the highest standards under a Part-145 Maintenance and CAMO organisations.Further all other requirements issued by EASA are fulfilled

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The following sentences are copied from an AOPA article.You may use the link ("Cherokee") to read the entire article.

- ''In early 1962, Piper delivered its 500th Cherokee only three months after delivering the 250th.The 1,000th was delivered in the spring of 1963.


The rest, as they say, is history. ...... The lessons learned and theories proved in the Cherokee's development, production, and success were reflected in the entire line of Piper models to follow.''

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