CPL Theory and  Exams,can be both a demanding and a challenging task.

We are here to support your study by making difficult subjects, Easy to understand and remember! 

We can assure you that knowledge acquired with our method of teaching ,will accompany you for the rest of your career.Training can be both challenging and fun!

CPL flight training among many other quality's, aims to instill to the student a more professional way to fly an aircraft.As such more accuracy is required,more maneuvers to learn,heavier more complex aircraft involved.

For a modular student,(PPL) holder, there is a minimum requirement of flight hours in order to be allowed to begin training.

Our advise is to build those hours in the best way posible so it assists you the most to cope with the demands of both CPL and Instrument Rating Training.

After seeing students benefit from our structured hour building we continoue it with more excitement and tailor it accordingly


  Whatever your learning style or needs, you can rely on our experience !!!

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