The Private Pilot Course (PPL) is considered the first step into the exhilarating world of Aviation. It opens the door to so many options allowing you to realize your passion just in the way you always wanted to.

You can fly for pleasure when and how it suits you, take passengers like family and friends. Further it opens the door to work as a commercial pilot

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                    GROUND SCHOOL

Theoretical course subjects:

·         Air Law

·         Aircraft General Knowledge

·         Flight Planning & Performance

·         Human Performance & Limitations

·         Meteorology

·         Navigation

·         Operational Procedures

·         Principles of Flight

·         Communication

Each subject is tested by a written examination

         We Accommodate Every Learning Style By Giving Options

                  FLIGHT TRAINING

The practical course comprises 45 hours of flight time minimum on a single-engine airplane in daytime and according to VFR (Visual Meteorological Rules), which basically means in fair weather conditions.

Ten of the forty five hours of the course are flown solo – i.e. there is no instructor on board and the student acts as Pilot in Command (PIC).

The final exam, called skill test, is performed by a DCA (Department Of Civil Aviation) assigned examiner.


To help your introduction to Class Cockpits we have further equipped the aircraft with GPS and Garmin Aera 660,which may be used optionally.



A person applying for a PPL(A) licence must meet the following conditions:

·  Be not less than 16 years old at commencement of the training

·  Be not less than 17 years old on the date of issue of the licence 

· Obtain a medical certificate of at least Class II, issued by an aviation medical examiner.


                                    NIGHT RATING FLIGHT HOURS CAN BE INCLUDED IN THE MINIMUM FLIGHT HOURS  REQUIRED                                              FOR THE Private Pilots Licence PPL(A). AFTER SUCCESSFULLY PASSING A SKILL TEST                                                               YOU WILL BE GRANTED A  PILOTS LICENCE WITH A RATING ENDORSED AT NO EXTRA HOURS !!!                                      

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