Trial flights - Special Gifts

A trial flight is a fun way to experience general aviation for the first time. A Great gift for any occasion and probaply the most enjoyable  way to see Cyprus.Trial flights are also a popular choice for Aero enthusiasts everywhere!

Our four-seater aircraft provides the advantage of better performance (Essential in Hi Temperatures) and the option to invite a friend or a family member to witness the memorable moment when you take control !

Trial flights are an excellent way to help you decide if you want to continue training for your Private Pilot License (PPL). What’s very important is that the time spent on these lessons counts towards the minimum flight time required,should you decide to continue for a pilots license.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What it would be like?

If you have never experienced a flight in a light aircraft before, your will probably be amazed!! It's a lot more exciting than many things in life.

The uniqueness of the view from altitude, the thrill of taking-off, the pure magic when you fly the aircraft, the approach and landing…


A very experienced Flight Instructor will be in the seat next to you at all times. With his guidance, support and tuition you will be able to fly safely and enjoyably once you are Ready.



• A trial flying lesson in a 4 seater aircraft from Larnaca International Airport
• The duration can be as long as you like with the minimum being 30 minutes

• There will be a welcome and a pre-flight briefing
• Once airborne you will get the chance to take control yourself